Sunday, March 28, 2010

If you are interested in the Egypt posts, please begin here

Last fall, Melony and I were privileged to take a trip to Egypt lead by John Anthony West.  West leads trips to Egypt once or twice a year and, based upon our experience, we cannot recommend him highly enough.  He may be reached at his web site:

West is considered a rabble-rouser by many mainstream academics who specialize in Egyptology. He is disliked by them because he has presented evidence, more than just a little, to undermine many of their most cherished theories.

If one is so inclined, two of his books, that I highly recommend are The Traveler's Key to Ancient Egypt and Serpent in the Sky.  Both are available on Amazon. 

The posts that follow are a diary of our trip.  They were first sent out by email to a select few friends and family.  However, the requests have been pouring in for me to send them off to others.  Owing to the size of each post and the number of posts, 43 in all, instead of clogging up more in boxes, I have decided to start my blog with them. 

However, there is a problem with this.  Posts show up in Blogger last to first.  If you wish to have these posts make any sense, then I recommend you begin here and follow the links at the end of each post to the next one.  That way you will be able to read them first to last instead of last to first. 

Two comments before we begin:

One: All the photographs on this blog and especially the Egypt posts are copyrighted.  If you have any interest in purchasing rights for publication to any of them, please contact me.  I'm sure we can work out a deal.  In my emails, the photos were larger than you will see on the blog.  Simply click on any photo and you will see it full sized.

Two: I have enabled comments on each of the posts.  They are moderated.  I have moderated my comments because some of the material you are about to read is bound to be controversial.  While I do enjoy spirited discussions from all sides of an issue, I do so only when the discussion is civilized and respectful. 


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