Friday, July 20, 2012

Turkey 13: Fifteen Minutes of Fame

The next morning they took us to a leather factory, where we were ushered into a room with a runway in the middle and seats around the perimeter.

The music came up and models wearing different styles of leather coats began walking the runway. This sort of thing often happens on tours. 

The tour operator gets a cut of what we purchase and the business in question gets a busload of tourists as potential customers.

They claim the quality is vetted and the prices are fair for the value received, etc, etc.

It also supposedly gives the tourists a "safe" place to make their purchases with out worry of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals in the markets.

So, I'm minding my own business taking pictures of the fashion show when this model comes up to me, and motions me to put down my camera.

I do.  She grabs my hand and leads me back stage, where they put this outrageous red leather cape on me and then push me back out on the runway.

I was wearing my sandals which, while comfortable, are arguably not my best fashion accessory. Melony, of course, grabbed my camera and began taking pictures of the whole affair.

We did the runway once, and then when I thought it was over, the model grabbed my hand again and pulled us around one more time.  By that time people in our group were hooting and shouting, demanding that I take it off.

So, when I came around to Melony, I opened the thing up and quickly flashed her.  She grabbed a great frame of it while the crowd went wild.  I was teased for days afterward. Folks said I looked great in that cape and wanted to know why I didn't buy it.

It cost $1,500 for one thing.  Besides, where would I wear it? But, I teased them back by saying I had to decline because the leather folks didn't have matching heels to go with it. When one finds oneself in these types of situations, I have learned that the only way out is usually over the top.  Resist and you're toast.

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