Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Egypt 9: Sakkara II

Notice the scaffolding that been placed to keep the blocks from falling down.  Notice also how many different types of blocks there are on this side of the step pyramid alone.  One can only wonder how many times this structure has had restoration work done.

I don't envy the Egyptian government's task of keeping all of these magnificent monuments maintained.  Notice how the scaffolding is made out of wood tied together with rope.  I have no idea where they get the wood.  I don't recall seeing anything but palm trees while I was there.

This structure is back by the entrance pylon.  Notice the cobras on the part of wall that is still intact.  The next shot was taken from the top of these stairs.

  Here is a close up of the cobras.  Remember the ramp the workers were standing on two images above?  That's it off in the distance coming out of the scaffolding on the right side of the  pyramid.  And the people working one the scaffolding, they are merely dots here.

But, notice the mound just to the left of the pyramid.  That is a huge, easily 20 fee thick mud brick wall that originally surrounded this entire complex.  I have better shots of this type of wall later.  The blocks on the ground in the foreground are remnants of other structures that used to be part of this complex.

This guy seemed pretty mellow.  Behind him one can see even more structures that are part of this complex.

When one walks around to the left of the entrance, there is even more to the complex.  These ruined structures, for example.

And, a long, paved causeway that went on for over a mile.  Notice the generally random paving pattern.  We saw this a lot.

Here is the closest I ever came to getting pieces of this place all in one image.  Behind me is the causeway and many more structures.  I will spare you yet another post on this place.  I think you get the idea.

Here is a view of the parking area.  See?  There is nothing but miles and miles of sand out here.  Dig a hole one day.  On the next day, the wind will have already begun filling it up.

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