Friday, April 2, 2010

Egypt 33: We go on a Nile River cruise

By the time we got back to our sailboat, the Afandina, it was early afternoon.  We had been going strong, up early, to bed late, for several days in a row.  

This afternoon, we got to rest. The crew of the Afandina pulled up anchor and, assisted by the little tug that could attached to our side, cruised up river for a few hours.

We had lunch on the fore deck as we sailed up river.  A crew member took this of all of us. 

Once in the middle of the river, they unfurled the sails and let the wind push us and our attached tugboat upstream.

  This would be an appropriate time to acknowledge that even if all the evidence supporting those of us who hold alternative views to those of the mainstream academics turns out to be verifiably true, there will still be far more questions than answers.

Melony went up top to read...

How was the knowledge of astrophysics obtained by the ancient Egyptians?  Did the ancient Egyptians themselves figure it out?  Or, did they get it from someone else?  If they got it from someone else, who did they get it from? In all likelihood, we'll probably never come up with satisfactory answers to any of those questions.

Who dreamed up the hieroglyphic language?   Indeed how did the Egyptian language sound?  It's been a dead language for some time, now.  The questions go on and on. 

...and was soon joined by everyone else.

It's fun to speculate, of course.  Some have theorized that survivors from Atlantis taught the ancient Egyptians the skills of civilization.  Others are equally adamant that people from outer space came down and graced the ancients with their wisdom.

Still others have suggested that a ancient, world wide advanced civilization existed before our recorded history and those folks taught not only the Egyptians but other groups as well.  However, these ideas remain only speculation.  There is not enough hard evidence to prove or disprove them.   

 Sheahan found a comfy place to rest.  Again, and probably for the last time, notice all the cruise ships stacked like cord wood on the opposite bank.

Bottom line is that we'll probably never know for sure what happened.  Not for the foreseeable future, anyway.

The police boat gave us the once over as it passed by.  We noticed they seemed to have recovered from their engine fire earlier in the day.  Notice the machine gun on the bridge of the police boat.  

(More cruise ships are all stacked up behind the police boat but please also notice that I didn't point them out this time.)

The next morning, bright and early, we were on our way again.  Our crew from the Afandina came with us as we pulled away on our way to the other shore, where we were to meet up with our van and drive south to Aswan. 

The cruise ships had the east bank docking area pretty well covered.  But, our taxi boat driver very adroitly maneuvered us through the thicket of them and found a nice place to drop us off. 

Next time: the Aswan quarry.   

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