Wednesday, February 8, 2012

South America and Antarctica 6 - Iguazu Falls - We take a ride.

If all I ever saw of Iguazu Falls was the Devil's Throat (as seen in the last post) I would have felt as though the time and expense to travel here would have been worth it.

But the Devil's Throat was only the beginning.  Nearly Everywhere we looked we saw more picturesque falls.  So many that it was nearly overwhelming.  The little falls above, for example, would easily make a nice centerpiece for a state park somewhere.

Or this one, from this vantage point...

...which turned into this from another vantage point.  I remarked to Melony that this place was literally a photographer's paradise.
 Here's another short video that begins with the nice little falls in the first picture of this post and shows you what it turns into. 

Then we wandered around the next corner and found yet another U shaped canyon in the falls area.  We noticed a boat heading up the river.

Not much farther, we saw a different boat getting closer to the apex of yet another U shaped canyon.

Melony and I looked at each other and decided we needed to ride one of those boats.

So we paid our money and the next thing we knew were were standing in line for our turn.  I was casually watching folks get off the boat that was to be our ride when my keen powers of observation finally kicked in. I realized that folks getting off were all soaking wet.

Soon enough it was our turn to board and I saw that other folks in our group, folks smarter than us, had come prepared.  They brought swimming suits.  Their clothes were all safe and dry in water proof bags supplied to anyone who wanted one.  Melony and I looked at each other...

...and got on the boat anyway.  Soon enough we were cruising down the river getting an up close and personal view of all that water cascading over the cliffs above us.   It was suggested that we put our cameras away right after I snapped this frame.

But, before I put my camera away, I snagged this frame of another boat heading under a falls.

And this one coming back.  Then it was our turn. They took us under two of the largest volume falls in that canyon.  Right under.  And boy did we get wet.  And boy was it fun.

But, the weather was warm, and soon enough a person gets used to being soaking wet.  The bright side is that it only took a couple hours for our clothes to dry.  The other bright side is that enough water hit the front of my shirt to wash out the food stain I had managed to acquire at lunch.  It all worked out.

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