Saturday, August 30, 2014

Africa 7: Leopards in a Trees

Seeing a Leopard is high on the list of many animal lovers who come to visit African wildlife.

But, Leopards are often difficult to find because they are mostly nocturnal and spend their days sleeping in trees.

Sometimes, we see evidence that a leopard is nearby, such as the tree above.

A closer look shows us a gazelle being stored safely off the ground for a later meal.  Only leopards do this with their prey.

We had just left the lion feasting on the baby elephant when our guides spotted something in the tree above and stopped.

If you can't see anything, it is only because leopards blend in so well with their environment.

Pulling our truck forward a bit, we were able to make out the entire leopard sleeping in the tree.

The shadow in the photo above is still dark, but has been lightened considerably compared to the shadows through which we peered in the bright sunlight.

A close crop of the above frame shows him much better. 

Later in the afternoon, as we were about to head back home, our guides spotted another gazelle stored high up in a tree.

Sadly, I forgot to photograph a wide shot of the entire tree.  I got too caught up in the excitement of the moment, trying to find the leopard who had put it there.

Moments later, we spotted the well hidden leopard.  If we look closely in the image above, we can make out is its butt, and tail, and the top of his head.

According to our guides, this is how well leopards are usually hidden during the day. 

Next time we meet some individual faces who comprise the African spirit.

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