Sunday, August 31, 2014

Africa 8: The African Spirit is Alive and Well

In Africa post number 4, I said the spirit of Africa is alive and well.  I would like to introduce, here, and in future posts, a few, of the many wonderful, amazing people we were privileged to meet.  People who, with all their combined brothers and sisters, make up the spirit of Africa.
This is Sisasenkosi, who had us call him Sisa.  He was our trip leader for the southern half of our adventure.

Photographing these folks was a joy.
"Monty," all around helpful person at Baobab lodge

They seemed genuinely pleased to have me ask them for a photograph. 
"SP," Bartender extraordinaire

Many are dealing with sorrows that we can't begin to imagine.
"Ivy", manager of Baobab Safari Lodge

But at the same time, they make a decision to get the most joy out of each day that they possibly can.
Driver Guide

Their laughter is genuine, and authentic.  
Driver guide

"Thinners," Makoro guide.

"Rio," manager Banoka Camp

They were often busy.  So, while they were all exceedingly gracious, my permission to shoot them often lasted mere seconds. Which was fine.  We made it work.
Not clear what her title was.  But she always greeted us with a smile. 

I thought while were there that we managed to get names properly recorded.  However, when we returned home I realized we had no names for many.

"Lattoh," shy and unassuming but very competent.

I apologize to those whose names I didn't get.  And I'll do what I can to get the blanks filled in.

Support staff at Lufupa Camp..  

As I look at these pictures, the question that always comes up for me is: How can you not love the spirit of these people?

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