Saturday, September 27, 2014

Africa 37: The Spirit of Africa is Alive and Well, cont.

I have shared a lot of photographs with you on this trip.  Maybe too many.  Still, I have only been able to convey to you a tiny portion of all the wondrous things we saw and experienced
Boyd, driver guide.

But it wasn't the things we saw that will stick with me nearly as much as it was the people we were privileged to meet.
Finneas, camp superintendant

This will be my longest post, I think ever.  But I want you to look into the eyes of all the people shown here.
Mwami, Finneas' wife, camp director.

I want you to see the fire there.  The desire to better themselves and their families.  The determination to make their country, their continent a better place.
Natasha, camp host.

Emmanuel, bartender.

Mailos, driver guide.

Mufuka, driver guide, termite eater

Rania, camp director

Vee, hostess


Elephant whisperer

Becky, cook trainee

Security at Sentrim Elementaita

Grounds keeper, Sentrim Elementaita

Cyprian, trip leader for Eastern Africa

Maasai warrior.  Notice his facial scars. Those are unique to his village.

Maasai warrior.  Has his battle club in his ear to show us how large the holes are. 
Young Maasai warrior showing us his spear throwing prowess.

Camp Hostess, Sentrim Amboseli

Maasai warrior working the desk at Sentrim Amboseli

Dining room hostess, Sentrim Amboseli

Abram, driver guide, for Eastern Africa, Tanzania portion.  Amazing lion spotter.

Frank, driver guide for Eastern Africa, Tanzania portion.

As I said last time, how can you look into their eyes and not love the spirit of these people?

Thank you for your interest in these posts.  It's been a pleasure sharing them with you.

One last thing: We've had many questions about taking a trip like the one described in these posts.  Click here for our answers to the most frequently asked questions.


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