Saturday, September 27, 2014

Africa 33: We see the Famous Serengeti

The Sarengeti National Part abuts the Ngorongoro National Wildlife Sanctuary.

Combined, the two areas make a huge, 8,900 square mile, habitat for the animals to live and roam.

I had thought the Serengeti consisted of one huge, grassy savannah.  But I was wrong.

There were many treed areas as well.

This baby Cape Buffalo decided to cross in front of us.  Alarmed at his independence, his parents and a good portion of the herd soon followed.

This impala walks through a tall grass area.

While a Thompson's Gazelle hangs out in an area of shorter grass.  During the rainy season, the grass is lush green instead of the dried brown, as it is here.

A pair of Cheetah brothers were on the prowl.

A close up of one.  Notice how well they blend into their surroundings.

Bushbuck in a more heavily treed area.

One day we came upon this pride of lions sleeping in the shade of an Acacia tree.  They were literally miles from the nearest prey animal. 

This cub tried hard to wake the mother up, to no avail. 

You've seen most everything, now, except hippos.  Here, a baby and mother join the herd in the river.

This frame shows only a small portion of the hippo herd in the river.

We came across hippos at another site, as well.

I thought these youngsters were cute, so I watched them for a few moments.

Almost as if on cue, this one opened his mouth for me.

Next time, we have a close encounter with a leopard.

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