Wednesday, February 8, 2012

South America and Antarctica 8 - Iguazu Falls - More Upper Trail

We came across another dazzling set of falls as we continued along the upper trail.

The trail brought us across a bridge at the very top of these falls, where I took this frame, and then wound its way around to the bridge you see above...

...where I shot this next frame.  The gal on the bridge above is standing almost exactly where I took the first image in this post.  Great minds think alike.

When one zooms out a bit, we get a better sense of just how spectacular and high this particular waterfall really is.

More foliage along the trail caught my eye.

I loved all of the different perspectives that we saw along the trails.  Here it appears lots of people are interested in watching this river simply disappear into thin air.  Shown without any context, it sort of looks like..okay, sorry, I digress.

In a place with as many different spectacular falls as this park has, it's easy to overlook the smaller ones.  I believe doing so is a mistake.  Not all of the falls need to be overwhelmingly spectacular in order to be beautiful.

We began making our way down to the lower trail.  This image and what follows are more different views that caught my eye along the way.

As mentioned previously, we came back a second day on our own.  More about that later.  We enjoyed watching the boats the second day, but did not ride one again.

This guy blends in well with his environment.  In fact I didn't see him until Melony pointed him out.

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