Wednesday, February 8, 2012

South America and Antarctica 9 - Iguazu Falls - Lower Trail

Trails in the Iguazu Falls park were delights in their own right.  .

Wonderful surprises greeted us around nearly every corner.

Where wildlife is known to cross, trails for humans are constructed above ground, allowing guys like this to pass safely beneath us.

I have no idea what this flower is called.  I could look the name up, I suppose, but I figured that I didn't need to know its name in order to stand in front of it for several minutes and enjoy it.

I loved the way light filtered through the foliage, dancing and playing, creating wonderful highlights and shadows.

After walking through the silent forest for a while along the Lower Trail, we were greeted with views like this, along with the thundering noise of falling water.

Low is relative, of course, because there are three major planes in the park.  We're on the middle plane, here.  Melony says this frame is all about the girl.  She's right, of course.

But I have included this picture because I like the juxtaposition of the girl doing her hair with her oblivious boyfriend enjoying the mile long string of falling water on the right and the open canyon on the left.

Views change again as we drop down to the lowest level...

 ...and find ourselves covered in mist at the bottom of a cataract.
 This little video of obvious amateur quality gives you a larger overview of what one sees when standing on the platform above.

I saw this Toucan in the tree off in the distance and managed to get a frame of him before he flew away. Sadly, my telephoto lens wasn't quite long enough to make him any larger in the frame.

During lunch these raccoon like creatures called Coatis showed up and wanted to share our lunch with us.  They were very persistent in their begging.  But, woe betide to the poor unsuspecting tourist who takes pity on them and gives one food.

That's an open invitation for the creature's friends and family to converge on and harass the hapless tourist with dangerously aggressive behavior.  If you ever visit here, do yourself a favor and keep your food to yourself.

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