Sunday, September 14, 2014

Africa 10: Lion Watches Plane Take Off. We Watch the Lion.

We climbed into the Land Rovers and headed down the runway to leave the airport.  Toward the end of the gravel runway, we saw this lion sitting comfortably in the grass, watching the plane we came on take off again.

We stopped and watched him. 

His head perfectly tracked the plane as it rolled down the runway and left the ground.

After the plane was out of sight, he got up and walked away.

It was almost as though the movie is over, so now it's time to leave.

Naturally, we followed him.

Our driver guide pulled ahead of him in the field.  He calmly walked right by us, completely ignoring us.

Then he headed off into some dense underbrush where we could not follow.

And was gone.  We never saw another lion at that particular camp.  Sadly, these pictures do not do him justice.  You just had to be there.

Next time, what is it like to be on a safari?

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