Sunday, September 14, 2014

Africa 20: Bungee Jumping Off Victoria Falls Bridge - They Actually Do This

Look very, very closely at the photo below and you will see a thin, white line extending down from the middle of the bridge's arch.

That white line is attached to a young woman woman who just jumped off the bridge.

She jumped from this kiosk that is located in the middle of the bridge.

We learned from this nice young man, who encouraged us to do the same, that doing so would only cost us $125 each.  We politely declined.

Here, in a closer view, we see her first rebound.

Cropping closer we see the intricate harness system by which she is tethered to the elastic line.

Then, down she went again.

Moments later, she hung mostly motionless over the gorge.

A helper attached to a winch was lowered down to retrieve her.

Then it was a simple matter to winch them both back up to the bridge's surface.

I like this crop.  We can see the helper sitting there bored from having done this so many times, but the young woman is holding on for dear life, even though she is securely attched.

Still, she jumped and we did not.  I'd probably be holding on for dear life, too, if I were in her lack of shoes.

Here's a short video showing what it looked like to her just before she jumped.

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