Saturday, September 27, 2014

Africa 23: Modern World Lives Side By Side with the Traditional.

We arrived at our first camp in Kenya, Sentrim Elementaita Lodge.  It was a lovely place on a lake's edge.

It was a comfortable as any hotel we've stayed at, anywhere.

It had European style beds, hot and cold running water, electricity, modern bathroom complete with a nice shower.

We had individual cabins like this that were clustered in pleasing groups.

Hot water came from the sun, but it worked. 

Directly outside the fence to our lodge, villagers also lived along the lake. Except they had none of the modern conveniences we did.

Conveniences like running water in their houses, or electricity.

They squat in pit toilets, cook over wood fires, and grow most of their own food.

They build their own houses from whatever materials they can afford or scrounge.

They wear clothes that are mostly "Goodwill" donations from the west.  And they do all this with a grace that leaves me humbled. 

I asked the lodge manager about this.  I asked him what the lodge is doing to help them.

He said the lodge has brought potable water to a central place in their village.  They had none before.  And the lodge management is working to connect both the lodge and the village to the national electrical grid.

Next time, we visit African schools.

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