Saturday, September 27, 2014

Africa 25: Kenya's Nakuru National Park

We first visited Lake Nakuru National Park, where we saw our first Rhino up close in the wild.

He was grazing in a huge grassy plain, about 100 feet from the road.  Of course, we stopped.

Our patience was rewarded, as he grazed closer to our truck and hung out for a while.

Then he crossed the road, right in front of us.

And wandered off, seemingly oblivious to our presence.

The area was rife with wildlife, all grazing together.

Gray Crowned Crane.

We first saw WildeBeests here.

Adolescent Zebra, front, right.  Notice how its stripes are still mostly brown.

We saw lots of baboons, here, like this youngster crossing the road.

And mothers with babies.

They spend a fair amount of time grooming each other.  Picking fleas and ticks off.

Next time, more Kenyan animals.  This time in Amboseli National Park.

Continue on to Post 26: Amboseli National Park, Kenya, by clicking here.


Blogger Unknown said...

Before visiting this blog post; I never heard about the Lake Nakuru National Park but now I wish to travel around the gorgeous park. According to the above description it sounds a cool place to explore the wildlife. So; I can’t wait to see the Rhino and Gray Crowned Crane because I never saw them. Therefore; I must visit this park after my new york city to thousand islands bus tour.

October 15, 2014 at 5:29 AM  

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