Wednesday, February 8, 2012

South America and Antarctica 10 - We Leave Iguazu Falls

I very much appreciate you hanging in there with all of the waterfall images I've shown you.  Iguazu Falls park had such a profound impact on me that, as discussed previously, I have admited to getting more than a little carried away.

When we have traveled in recent years, instead of attempting to "document" our journey, I've made an effort to only photograph what happens to interest me.

So, instead of coming back and attempting to show where we visited, I instead can say instead, "Here's what happened to catch my eye."  For me, there is a subtle but very important difference between the two perspectives.

Speaking of perspectives, this frame was taken with the little Coolpix camera.  It actually does better closeups the does the bigger DSLR.  This little guy really liked Melony's hand for some reason.  She suspected it was the salt from her "glow".  I think it was her energy.

Here, however, everything caught my eye.

I have never been in place where this has happened before.  Not like this.  Not in a way that moved me so deeply like this. I get that, by now, you're saying, "Enough of the waterfalls, already!!  Show us some bloody penguins."

All I can say is that showing you all of these images has been my clumsy way of attempting to convince you to visit this place at least once in your life.  (I promise you, the penguins are coming.)

Managed to snag a quick frame of this elusive butterfly with the DSLR as it flitted to and fro along our trail.  Didn't have time to catch up to Melony and borrow the little Coolpix from her before it wandered out of range. 

When we visited the falls's park on our own the second day, our hotel wanted us to spend 30 US dollars for a taxi to take us each way to the park.  We opted instead to catch a local bus at a stop, just outside the hotel's gate, on the main road through town.  The bus fare: two US dollars each way per person.

We could easily have afforded the taxi fare.  We took the bus instead.  We did that in order to get out of our bubble and experience some "local color."  I have to say it was great entertainment.

The buses were new, well maintained, and ran every twenty minutes or so.  Great fun.  People were friendly.  We got a nice tour of the neighborhood.  Highly recommended.  This was our ride home, coming to pick us up.

The next morning, we flew down to Buenos Aires.  It took me just a bit too long to retrieve the Coolpix out of my pocket and focused when I realized I had a window seat to the falls as we took off.  It's hard to see details of the falls, here.  I include this frame because, even from this far away, the mist that rises from all that falling water is plainly visible.

Seconds later, we were through the clouds and my view was gone.  I turned to Melony and told her, "If we don't do anything else, I feel as though I just got my money's worth for this entire trip."

But as I was soon to find out, our adventure was only beginning.  Buenos Aires, in Argentina, is the second circle on the map above. 

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