Wednesday, February 8, 2012

South America and Antarctica 11 - Buenos Aires

We landed in Buenos Aires around noon, were picked up by a very nice tour company representative.

He dropped us off at the front door and hurried off to pick up another passenger for our cruise at another airport.  When we walked into the lobby of the Caesar Park Hotel (above) I was sure the nice driver had taken us to the wrong place. This looked like a palace, not a hotel.  Check out that staircase.   

But, no, the reception desk had a reservation for us, and we were shown to the room pictured above.  The place was better furnished than our house--by a lot.

The all granite bathroom was nearly as large as our bedroom at home.  But, since a two night stay here came with the cruise package, we sucked it up and enjoyed.

We ventured outside looking for place to eat lunch and ran into a very nice young woman, drop dead gorgeous, could have been a supermodel, who spoke perfect English.  Born in Barbados, she had been educated in the states and ended up marrying an Argentine man. She said she absolutely loved living here in Buenos Aires with him.

She recommended a nice place for us to eat but cautioned us that this neighborhood in Buenos Aires was equivalent to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.  It was, she said, the most expensive neighborhood in all of Argentina.

Lunch at her recommended place was a culinary delight, not cheap by any means, as we had been warned, but all part of the adventure.

Directly across the street from our hotel we found a huge, upscale shopping center.  Very upscale.  It had all of the designer stores like on Rodeo Drive in LA or 5th Avenue in New York.

A shoe store in that mall.  I include these images to chase away any ideas some may have had about Argentina being a poor 3rd world country.  This area of Buenos Aires is as modern, and upscale, and dripping with money as any large American or European city.

The next day they took us on a tour of Buenos Aires.  One of our first stops was a cathedral.  I grabbed this shot of a young girl feeding the pigeons in the cathedral's courtyard with the little Coolpix.  In fact, all of the images in this post were taken with it.

I remain seriously impressed with that little camera.  The inside of this cathedral was dark as a dungeon, but the little Coolpix made it look light and airy with no coaxing or special settings on my part.  Notice how accurate the white balance is.  Not bad.

An alter on the side of the cathedral, again, shot with available light and no special settings.

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